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Use an ID Scanner for Selling Legal Marijauna

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If you own a marijuana dispensary, you understand that it’s important to correctly identify customer’s identification cards so that you’re not selling cannabis to underage individuals. With an Age Validators ID scanner, you can rest assured that you’re only selling marijuana to those who are of age.

Tracking Amounts of Marijuana Sold

In certain states, there are strict laws requiring that only a certain number of marijuana grams that can be sold to one individual per day. Obviously, it’s extremely important to keep accurate records of what is sold so that you don’t accidentally oversell cannabis. Using an Age Validators ID scanner will ensure that you’re selling the legal amount of marijuana to your customers, and won’t run the risk of overselling. Our scanners have a time stamp function so that whenever the ID card is swiped, there is a record of the time the information is inputted. You can use this information to cross-check the amount of transactions the customer has had.

Age Compliance & Ensuring an ID is Valid

Usually a cannabis dispensary requires that customers have their IDs checked before they even enter the store. However, if there is a sudden influx of customers, correctly checking each and every ID before granting access can be risky. The first violation of selling marijuana to a minor is a $3,500 fine or five days of a suspended cannabis license. With such a heavy consequence, using an ID scanner will offer peace of mind and ensure that you’re only selling cannabis to legitimate customers.

When you use an Age Validators ID scanner, you’ll add another layer of security to your cannabis establishment and ensure that you’re only selling only to appropriate customers. Don’t run the risk of selling to minors. Protect yourself and your customers with Age Validators. Order today!