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How an ID Scanner Will Help Your Business

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Purchasing an ID scanner may seem like something you’ll do when you actually need one, but an ID scanner isn’t simply a device that speeds up checking patron’s ID cards and driver’s licenses. When you purchase an Age Validators ID scanner, you’re buying an essential element to ensuring that your business is following every aspect of the law and not accidentally making a huge mistake that could hurt your reputation and restaurant, bar, or store. Our company is dedicated to making your business safe and taking the guesswork out of trying to verify every ID and driver’s license that passes through your doors. In this blog, we’ll talk about the important reasons why purchasing an Age Validators ID scanner is vital to the success of your business.

An ID Scanner Will Alert You If It’s Expired or Fake

Have you ever wondered how to tell if an ID is fake? With how advanced technology is today and how many fake ID manufacturers are in business, keeping up with the warning signs can be overwhelming. In the middle of a wild crowd or busy restaurant, taking more time to verify an ID can make your night long and your customers frustrated. Take the guesswork out of reading IDs and driver's licenses with an Age Validators ID scanner. Our scanners are equipped with technology to approve or deny IDs and alert you if information isn’t matching up or is accurate. This will make it easier for you to glance at the data being flashed across the screen and make sure that it matches the patron’s features and general age. Along with this feature, our ID scanners will let also alert the customer if the ID or driver’s license is expired or close to expiration. With an ID scanner, you won’t have to lie awake at night wondering if you accidentally sold alcohol to an underage minor. Be confident in all of your business with Age Validators.

It Will Keep Out Offenders

If there is a particularly rowdy customer banned from a bar and then tries to enter yours, one swipe of his ID or driver’s license and you’ll know that your night is about to get wild. ID scanners store all of their information in several databases, and it’s accessible by everyone who has a scanner. Once a person is banned from an establishment, you’ll be alerted by the police and you can cross-reference the name given with what is in the database. That way, if the offender tries to enter your bar or restaurant, you’ll know immediately and will be able to proceed with that knowledge. Without an ID scanner, you could allow an individual to enter your business who could possibly harm your other patrons or your building. Don’t be vulnerable to crazy customers. Purchase an Age Validators ID scanner and keep your business safe.

You Can Hone Your Advertising

With all of the information stored in your ID scanner, you can profile your advertising and marketing campaigns to your target audience. Using the information stored, you can check to see how many people are local, traveling from different areas, and from out of town. If you’re trying to market a local event, you can specifically target the local patrons or customers so that you’re not wasting time and money on ads that won’t influence the out-of-towners. This is perfectly acceptable for you to do, only as long as you’re not selling your customers’ information. Using an ID scanner will actually help your business to improve and make it succeed at sponsoring concerts, charity fundraisers, and other events that will be great marketing campaigns. Browse the Age Validators ID scanners and get started today!

Make It Easier for Police to Catch Delinquents

A full bar or packed restaurant seems like the perfect place to find eyewitnesses for a crime, but if all of the patrons and customers are drinking or intoxicated, it can make conducting an investigation a major headache. Trying to identify a thief or the instigator of a bar brawl using cameras or other monitoring devices can prove difficult, and if there are no eyewitnesses, finding out the offender’s name may never happen. Not so with an ID scanner. You’ll have an accurate record of the entire night and be able to provide the police with all the information that they need to catch the criminal. Purchasing an Age Validators ID scanner will help you be able to keep your business or restaurant covered and ensure that if ever needed, you’ll have information to help the police track down the offender.

Age Validators is proud to supply the United States with ID scanners for businesses, bars, stores, and restaurants. Protect your establishment and yourself with an ID or driver’s license scanner so that you can be sure that you’re staying within the law and conducting appropriate business. Ready to purchase your own ID scanner? Order from Age Validators today