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Product Description is proud to offer the ViAge CAV-3100 Portable ID Scanner that reads IDs and Drivers Licenses that store data on a magnetic stripe. This portable ID Scanner is an ergonomic and easy to use age validation tool that offers advanced features and communication options for you to store your customer’s data onto a local computer.

The ViAge CAV-3100 has advanced features that include a smart card reader, credit card verification, 4MB flash memory capacity, ergonomic design that makes it easy to hold for extended periods of time, a Graphic Backlit LCD, as well as an RJ-45 / PS-2 type and serial port that allows you to upgrade to advanced software to keep track of all of your customer’s data – which is extremely useful should your business be the target of a sting or under the watch of law enforcement looking for businesses who don’t properly ID customers.

With the CAV-3100 from your staff can easily scan ID’s and see key stats such as Age and Date of Birth easily on a bright backlit screen that makes it ideal for dark environments.

The CAV-3100 is one of the best selling magnetic stripe ID scanners available here at as it is an ideal ID Checking solution for Bars, Casinos, C-Stores, Restaurants, Nightclubs, and more! If you’re not sure if your state is compatible with the ViAge CAV-3100, be sure to click the “Which Scanner is Right for Your Business” link at the top of our website.


Built-in Memory
The onboard memory allows you to store up to 3,000 records on the flash memory. Also, you can add on additional cards if needed which allow you to store an additional 1,000 records per sim card.

VIP/Banned Customer Function
The CAV-3100 can store up to 1,000 entries on the internal memory. If the ID Scanner is connected to the optional advanced software, there is no limit on the number of VIP/Banned customer entries you can store.

Ergonomic Design
The CAV-3100 was designed as a portable scanner and it’s ergonomic design makes it easy to hold. For added security and to protect it from damage, we include a wrist strap. Also, you can snap this ID Scanner into the optional countertop / bar mount stand for a more permanent solution. This is very useful when used in retail applications.

Compliance Reporting
With the CAV-3100, you can keep a critical audit trail of your customers for compliance reporting purposes. This free basic software allows you to run reports, sort data, filter users, and find information. In the event your business is under local law enforcement investigation, you can print the audit trail for your customers showing that you are making your best efforts to comply with local laws. This is a great defense in avoiding fines, penalties, and lost licenses!

Use it as a Marketing Tool
With the CAV-3100 and the basic free software, you can capture your customer’s data and create mailing labels to remarket to your customers! Why waste valuable advertising dollars towards customers who might not have even heard of your business or have any interest. Spend your advertising dollars more wisely specifically targeting those who have already bought from you before!

Easy-to-Use Functionality
The CAV-3100 is easy to use that you can literally start using it the day you receive your order from Power is provided by a rechargeable lithium ion battery. Alternatively, a power supply is also provided at no charge in case you choose to have permanent power to the device. Using this ID checker is a breeze; simplyswipe the ID and easily see your customers age and help prevent the use of fake IDs.


checkbox.jpg  Easy-to-use age validation Reads ID’s from US states and Canadian provinces that use a magnetic stripe 
checkbox.jpg  Powered by a rechargeable lithium battery & power cord 
checkbox.jpg  4MB flash memory stores up to 3,000 records on the on-board memory 
checkbox.jpg  Stores up to 1,000 VIP/Banned customers Optional IC cards can store additional 1,000 scans 
checkbox.jpg  Ergonomic design can be used portably or optionally mounted 
checkbox.jpg  Integrated time and attendance software with shift reports Easily 
checkbox.jpg  Interfaces with any software application designed in all market OS platform including Windows 32app, UNIX, and LINUX 

Where it Works

This ID Scanner can check ID's and licenses from the following United States and Canadian Provinces:

The CAV-3100 ID Scanner from reads ID’s from states and Canadian provinces that utilize a magnetic stripe.


CanadaBritish Columbia, New Brunswick, New Foundland, Saskatchewan

Consider the ViAge CAV-3200 or Tricom IDE 2004 if you need a scanner that recognizes more states!

Popular Uses

checkbox.jpg  Bars 
checkbox.jpg  Restaurants 
checkbox.jpg  Night Clubs 
checkbox.jpg  Gas Stations
checkbox.jpg  Liquor-Stores 
checkbox.jpg  Vape-Shops 
checkbox.jpg  Cannabis Dispensaries 
checkbox.jpg  Casinos 
checkbox.jpg  Concert Venues 
checkbox.jpg  Age-Restricted Events

Software Details

When you purchase your CAV-3100 from, we include the software that allows you to collect your customer’s information and interface it through a Windows based computer. This free software records and saves vital information such as the Name, Address, Scanned Age, Date of Birth, and Time/Date of transaction allowing you to sort, find, filter, and create customer reports and print mailing labels.

Optional Software Upgrades

PRO Software - Easier management of data for marketing purposes.
Advanced Software – The advanced software allows visitor tracking and recognition to keep track of VIP & banned customers. Features advanced customer profiling and reporting features.


Product Reviews

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  1. Better quality

    Posted by R Bar on 28th Sep 2014

    We originally purchased a cheaper unit, but exchanged it for the 3100. This one is much easier to grip and our doormen who use it on a wrist lanyard immediately commented that it was much easier to hold.

    Despite the exchange, we're happy with the new one.

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